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“Sampling is growing in importance because consumers are bombarded by messages. It’s really hard to make an impact but consumers love samples, “says Cindy Johnson, marketing Director at Proctor and Gamble. And it’s a proven fact that when consumers can sample a product there is a much higher chance of purchase.


The challenge with ‘traditional’ sampling channels like magazines or activations is that data is not collected so there is no way for brands to know who received a sample or what their propensity to purchase is.


ABIE from Trial Run Media changes the game.


Using a network of ABIEs (automated business intelligence engines), Trial Run creates on-demand sampling linked to automatic data collection.


At launch of the ABIE footprint will extend across 50 malls in Gauteng, offering 1.9 million sampling opportunity monthly across

multiple consumer profiles. In 2020 the ABIE network will extend its footprint nationwide.


Once the data has been captured, you can choose to run a follow-up marketing campaign that can run separately or in conjunction with your existing brand campaign. Trial Run uses WhatsApp or SMSs to deliver engaging marketing messages. Brands can send videos, images, TV ads and messages.

Brands can attach a Trial Run campaign URL to ATL advertising campaigns including TV, print and social media.

Brands can also attach a Trial Run

campaign URL to in-store collateral. This

will allow shoppers to ‘try before they

buy’ by visiting the ABIE machine located

in the mall where they are shopping.

We can also assist with your in-store

point-of-sale requirements.

The live ABIE dashboard allows you to

track the redemption of each sample

in real-time and measure who

received it and where.

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