ABIE is code-activated. The code is automatically sent to consumers once they enter a campaign

URL into the browser on their cellphone or they can scan the QR code.


Consumers complete the Trial Run data form by filling in their name and cellphone number.

Brands have the option of requesting additional data.


Once the info has been submitted, a unique code is sent to the user’s cellphone via SMS.


The user then enters the code into ABIE’s keypad to release their FREE sample.

Now an immediate follow-up campaign can begin to encourage purchase.


Every campaign is tracked in real-time using the revolutionary Trial Run dashboard.


A live dashboard allows you to track each sample and measure who received what and where.

High-performing vs low-performing samples can be identified in real-time and the analytics can identify ‘best performing’ locations.

Marketing messages can be tracked for effectiveness and engagement.

It’s never been easier to measure your sampling campaign – just plug in the data and you’re good to go.


Offer samples to interested consumers

Create an up-to-date database

Get feedback on new products

Redeem FREE promotional gifts

Hyper-targeted campaigns

Run highly relevant, location-based sampling campaigns (baby changing rooms, gyms, schools, offices, airports and more)

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